The idea for the Do The Right Thing Program was born in 1990 during a Miami Police Department awards ceremony when a teenager was recognized by the Chief of Police for turning in a loaded gun found at his school. Community volunteers, who witnessed the impact the positive recognition had on this teenager, decided to join forces with the Miami Police Department and develop an on-going recognition program for students.

Today, Do The Right Thing is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and rewarding school-age youths for positive accomplishments, behavior and good deeds. The program ensures that young people are not only rewarded for “doing the right thing,” but also publicly recognized as role models for their peers. Each month up to 1,000 students are nominated by teachers, parents, police officers and other adults in the community for their good deeds or positive behavior. With the assistance of the selection committee, ten students are selected as winners for that month. They are invited to a ceremony at the Miami Police College Auditorium and the Chief of Police awards them with mini tablets, plaques, chocolate trophies, free pizza certificates, and passes to area attractions (donated by local businesses). One top middle or high school winner monthly receives a trip to Washington, D.C.  One top elementary school winner monthly receives a trip to Rapids Water Park for four. In addition to its awards component, Do The Right Thing provides an array of other activities to help underprivileged children in the community such as anti-violence youth rallies, FCAT stress management seminars, crime prevention contests and much more.

Our Goals…

  • To reinforce socially desirable behavior among young people
  • To demonstrate that “good kids” are newsworthy
  • To foster positive relations between the police department and youths
  • To develop a network of Do The Right Thing chapters which will benefit our youth nationwide

Special thanks to program founder Terri Ketover whose vision and hard work many years ago led to the long-term success of Do The Right Thing.