Thank you to all the students who participated in the art contest! All your drawings showed your appreciation for our police officers in the community. Out of hundreds of entries, the top 3 winners for each category of elementary, middle and high school were chosen by our selection committee. All 3 winners received a $75 visa gift card, a DTRT t-shirt, a framed certificate and tickets to the Frost Museum of Science. The overall winner of the contest had their artwork framed and given to the Chief of Police, Art Acevedo. Each student that participated will receive a certificate of recognition.

Congratulations to Sara Quintero from Oliver Hoover Elementary for being the top winner of the elementary school category!

Congratulations to Heidi Gonzalez from M.A. Milam K-8 Center for being the top winner of the middle school category!

Congratulations to Angimar Sanchez from Booker T. Washington Senior High school for being the top winner for the high school category and the overall winner of the contest!

Not pictured: Angimar Sanchez, top winner for High School category and overall winner, Booker T. Washington Senior High School