Award Winner

MPD DTRT AWARDS 3172022-63

Alejandra Perdomo

Ninth Grade, Hialeah Gardens High School

Alejandra is a kind and soft spoken student in the Gladiator Shield Scholar Program for high achieving students at her school. However, nothing has ever come easy to her. She grew up with the dream of becoming a gymnast but unfortunately was injured and this put a halt to her dream. She then entered middle school and joined the Agriscience class and fell in love, immersing herself in learning through the school farm. Now in high school, she continues that passion in the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, where she is already an officer for the Future Farmers of America, having competed in the November Youth Fair and winning second place. Sadly, upon returning from winter break, Alejandra experienced yet another life changing event when her grandfather had a heart attack right in front of her. The safety skills she learned in school for emergencies kicked in and she immediately placed her grandfather in a comfortable position and directed the adults around her to call 911. She followed directions from the operator on the phone and when rescue arrived they told her that her grandfather was alive thanks to her efforts. A couple of weeks after that, Alejandra was registered to compete again but was forced to withdraw because she had caught Covid. Despite this diagnosis, she contacted all her teachers and submitted all of her assignments. Alejandra is currently taking college level courses, has completed ethics trainings, and has over 500 hours of community service. She has shown true character and perseverance beyond measure and surely has a bright future ahead.