Award Winner


Amber Haynes

Eleventh Grade, Booker T. Senior High

Amber is a very talented and intelligent student, having a 3.6 GPA. When called upon, she is readily available to step in to assist with whatever is put before her. Last year took an unexpected turn for the worse and Amber lost her father, something that has been very difficult for her. Despite this tremendous loss she still maintained her grades while continuing to support her peers. In particular, Amber became very concerned about one of her classmates who became homeless at the age of eighteen. She did everything in her power to assist him with day-to-day life including helping him find employment and purchasing a bus pass for him so he can get to and from work. She was even able to convince him to move with his mother, where he is now doing exceptionally well. Her caring nature and personality made a difference not only on this student’s life, but on everyone she meets.