Award Winner


Ayeisha Kirkland

Twelfth Grade, MAST Academy

Ayeisha is very much involved in her community as a leader in her youth church group. She is friendly, helpful, and makes it a point to volunteer as she demonstrates strong care for others. During the last five years of her young life, she has shown amazing leadership and communication skills through creating and sponsoring “Youth for Christ 305+” in which she hosts programs for youth expressions and works on developing articulation skills for the youth in her group. At school, she helps tutor students after school as part of the National Honor Society; she is President of the Bible Club and since seventh grade has participated in the “Spoken Word” for youth advocacy for different issues such as voting and mental health. In addition, recently, the former Superintendent invited her to perform at a school board meeting. Ayeisha is a role model and true inspiration for her peers.