Award Winner

9 - Copy (2)

Brandon Padron

Fifth Grade, Ben Sheppard Elementary

Brandon spoke up when he witnessed one of his classmates bullying and treating other kids unfairly in the classroom. His actions demonstrated courage, integrity, and a willingness to do what is right, even when it is not easy. During a class activity, Brandon noticed that some of his classmates were making fun of another student who was struggling with an assignment. Instead of joining in or staying silent, Brandon spoke up and told his classmates that their behavior was unkind. He encouraged them to stop and reminded them that everyone learns at their own pace. Brandon’s words had a powerful impact on his classmates, and they indeed stopped their teasing and instead offered to help the struggling student. This simple act of kindness and compassion made a huge difference not only to the student who was being bullied, but it also taught a powerful lesson to the rest of the class that treating others with respect and kindness is always the right thing to do.