Award Winner


Brianna Ramos and Zoey Trillas

Eighth Grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle
Washington, D.C. Trip Winner

On May 5th after school, Zoey & Brianna were across the street from
school when a group of boys approached them and one took out a gun
from his waist band and started pointing the gun at Brianna and
Zoey. The girls froze and could not believe what was happening. The
young man then walked off. The girls were able to identify this
student through mutual friends and they found out he had been doing
the same thing to others and no one had spoken up. They both
reported the student and immediate interventions were put in place
administratively at school and with Hialeah Gardens Police.
Thankfully, upon investigation it was found that the gun was not real,
but this could have easily ended in a tragedy if an officer would have
witnessed this student pointing a gun at others. Thanks to Zoey &
Brianna this young man is learning a lesson in making better choices
and thinking before he acts. Both Zoey & Brianna have been
Principal’s Honor Roll students for all 3 years in middle school and
have completed high school and college courses. They are also
members of the varsity dance team, Peer counselors, Debunked and
are in National Junior Honor Society. This dynamic best friend duo is
a wonderful example of knowing that when you see something, you
say something.