Award Winner


Briannya Evans

Eleventh Grade, School for Advanced Studies Homestead Campus.

Briannya is passionate about helping others. Her goal is to help low income minority students like herself to succeed in academics the way she has done. Since October, she has volunteered at Goulds Elementary twice a week for 2 hours to tutor students in math and reading as she wants to do everything in her power to help students who are struggling academically. Briannya knows what it is like to struggle. She was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and despite that obstacle she still managed to come to school daily. She considered her prognosis a setback, but she worked hard to maintain her grades even while enduring Chemotherapy. Briannya still goes for regular checkups even after the cancer has gone into remission. She is also active outside of school as part of a young women’s group that aims to educate on African American culture and history. She also works in a group that brings awareness to middle school students on the dangers of underage drinking and smoking. Briannya is a shining example of someone who will not be held back by life’s obstacles and instead focuses on doing the right thing.