Award Winner


Bryan Zavala

Twelfth Grade, Law Enforcement Memorial Senior High

Bryan is part of the City of Miami Police Explorer Program and holds
the distinguished position of Explorer Lieutenant. He is currently a
senior getting ready to graduate high school with a weighted 4.0 GPA.
In addition to his academic focus, he holds a full-time job, is a full-time
big brother, and a full-time explorer. Bryan is not only an intelligent
and dedicated young man, but he is also very well-mannered and family
oriented. Unfortunately, Bryan’s mother passed away when he was just
13. His plan is to honor his mother by pursuing a career in Law
Enforcement and obtaining a college degree. During his tenure with the
explorers, Bryan has accumulated approximately 2000 community
service hours including helping fundraise for the program. During the
peak of the pandemic, as many of his fellow Explorers’ families were
suffering from Covid-19, Bryan helped deliver groceries to these
families in need. On his path to becoming a law enforcement officer, he
recently completed an internship and became Dispatch Certified while
he awaits his opportunity to enter the academy. Bryan will surely
continue making an impact in our community and definitely has a
bright future ahead.