Award Winner

8 - Copy (2)

Darian Inclan-Chavez

Eighth Grade, Howard D. McMillan Middle

Darian is a respectful and polite student that recently arrived from Cuba. He has been progressing amazingly in school and is quickly learning English and making new friends. Darian plays softball and soccer, having helped his team reach the playoffs recently. In school, Darian maintains A’s and B’s in his classes and is a model student who gets along well with his peers and teachers. Recently while in his Language Arts class, Darian was able to maintain a cool and collected mindset when a serious incident occurred. Darian’s teacher had a seizure while in class and while most students panicked and worried, Darian quickly sprang into action and went next door to the neighboring teacher and was able to tell her what was happening. Due to his quick actions, paramedics were called and the teacher received medical assistance in time. The students were removed from the classroom and a counselor spoke to all the students who were very shaken and worried for the safety of their teacher. Through such a stressful situation, Darian remained calm and knew exactly what to do.