Award Winner

6 - Copy (2)

Douglas Soto Sandoval

Eleventh Grade, Ronald Regan/Doral Senior High

A few months ago, Douglas' dad passed away unexpectedly. Despite
still dealing with such a loss, Douglas gives it his best at school and
focuses on doing the right thing. Recently, one of his friends
approached him before entering his first period class and opened his
book bag to show Douglas a gun. The student told Douglas that it was
real and that he should touch it. Douglas declined and told the student
that he was going to class. Instead, Douglas went straight to the
TRUST Counselor to report the incident. The counselor spoke with
administration, and the school followed the Code Red Procedure.
Upon further investigation, fortunately it was found to be a bb gun
which is still not allowed on school grounds. This situation has been
difficult for Douglas because the student became upset at him for
reporting the incident to school staff. However, Douglas knows that he
did the right thing for the safety of everyone on campus.