Award Winner

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Emily Elizalde

Tenth Grade, Keys Gate Charter Senior High

Emily is the epitome of being at the right place, at the right time,
doing the right thing! Emily knew exactly what to do when her friend
told her she felt dizzy and then passed out in the bathroom. Emily
quickly directed another girl to go to the closest classroom for help so
she could stay with her friend. She placed her backpack under her
friend's head and held her still. While she was terrified, she remained
strong for her friend. She sat on the floor with her until the medics
arrived, cradling her head and rubbing her arm, whispering to her
that she would be ok. When the paramedics arrived, the student was
still unresponsive. Emily was able to calmly give the medical team all
of the information they needed as her friend was taken for further
evaluation. Emily is a great student who demonstrates what it means
to be a true friend.