Award Winner

7 - Copy (2)

Felipe Singerman

Seventh Grade, Mater Beach Academy

Felipe is an excellent student who has gone through some difficult
circumstances these past few years and has overcome by maintaining
his focus on school and on helping others. Recently, he went to the
restroom and saw a student in crisis on the floor crying who told him
that he wanted to kill himself. Felipe did not hesitate and went to get a
teacher right away. Thanks to Felipe's quick action, this student was
able to receive the help he desperately needed. Felipe knows the
importance of helping others. He has a close friend whose parents are
unable to be present and Felipe made sure to welcome him in his family
and even convinced mom to buy a bigger car so there is space for his
friend to take him to school or soccer matches. He also often stays with
kids from the bus at the bus stop until parents show up to make sure
they are not alone. Felipe’s compassion and care for others exemplifies
what it means to be a Do The Right Thing Winner.