Award Winner

DTRT MAY 11 2022-10

Gabriella Alegria

Sixth Grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle School

Gabriella accompanied a friend to the counselor’s office and together they had the courage to speak up about an ongoing dangerous situation at the friend’s household. Gabriella knew what had been going on and had continuously encouraged her friend to speak up in order to find safety. The situation was hurting her friend emotionally and mentally and Gabriella did her best to comfort her and give her advice while continuing to push her friend to report the situation until she finally did. Immediate interventions were put in place for her friend and although her life has changed, she is now safe. The day after it was reported, Gabriella came to school with a basket filled with her friends’ favorite snacks, flowers and other comforting items. She knows she did the right thing by helping her friend speak up and finds comfort in knowing that her friend is now safe. Gabriella is an honor roll student who loves to read and play sports, being the only 6th grader in the girls’ flag football team. For her courage, patience and kindness in helping her friend through a very difficult situation, Gabriella is being honored.