Award Winner

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Jaydan Trujillo

Ninth Grade, Miami Edison Senior High

Jaydan is the epitome of a leader. He has successfully prevented a friend
from going down a dark path of gang activity and drug use by inviting
the student to join the 5000 Role models. Jaydan is the freshman class
president and has been a leader since day one of stepping into his first
year of high school. He demonstrates a high level of maturity that is
often missing in students his age. Jaydan is also active in his community
and attends film composition school to create music for movies that
highlights the emotions and feelings of his neighborhood. He is an
exceptional student that excels in the classroom as well as with
extracurricular activities. Jaydan embodies what it means to be a young
leader in the community that is not stifled by circumstance and instead
focuses on his path forward to success.