Award Winner

5 - Copy (2)

Jermeil Kelson

Second Grade, Colonial Drive Elementary
Rapids Waterpark Trip Winner

Jermeil is a quiet second grade student who stepped up in a big way. During recess, Jermeil was playing with his friends when he noticed one of his classmates being pushed to the ground. Jermeil stopped playing and ran to the defense of the child who was being bullied. He attempted to deescalate the situation and told the teacher what he had witnessed. Typically a quiet student, Jermeil knew when it was the right time to speak up. At school, he is part of the Honor Roll and always follows directions. Recently he also found a wallet with money inside and turned it in. At home, Jermeil helps his brother learn to read and makes it a point to donate clothes and toys to the homeless. He can always be counted on to lend a helping hand, recently having assisted an elderly woman who was crossing the street. An all-around great kid, Jermeil strives to do the right thing every day.