Award Winner

DTRT MAY 11 2022-17

Justin Jugal

Fifth Grade, Colonial Drive Elementary
Rapids Waterpark Trip Winner

Justin hasn’t always done the right things, but if there was an award for the “Comeback Student of the Year”, it would be given to Justin. He used to be the student always involved in negative situations. Now, he turns heads through his consistent positive behaviors and has matured and learned to avoid problematic situations. When other students try to start a confrontation, Justin stays away and contacts an adult instead of joining the altercation. He sees other students acting out the way he used to and makes sure to stay clear of trouble. Justin has learned to respect others and greets his teachers each morning. He has a big heart and assists the cafeteria monitor and P.E. Coach often. Most of all, Justin has done a complete turnaround in his music class where his teacher calls his mom to commend and not condemn his actions. Justin also takes care of his grandmother who has gone through multiple invasive surgeries after being diagnosed with three different types of cancer. After those surgeries, Justin made sure that whenever she needed help, he would always be there. He fixes plates of food for her, makes her coffee and makes her bed. At home, he also takes the initiative to sweep, mop and clean. Justin also cares about the community, passing out food to a foster care center during the holiday season and often giving clothes, books, movies and games, including an Xbox, to children in foster care. He also recently purchased food for a homeless man with money he earned for helping around the house. Justin demonstrates that it’s never too late to turn around and do the right thing.