Award Winner

4 - Copy (2)

Kailenn Hollinger

Third Grade, Nathan B. Young Elementary
Rapids Waterpark Trip Winner

One of Kailenn’s classmates was very upset after a game was played in PE and her team lost. She began yelling, crying and getting visibly upset. During this tirade, she yelled, “I’m going to kill everybody.” The students who were surrounding her heard this and did not tell an adult in the building. The following day, the student brought a steak knife in her book bag and pulled it out and pointed it towards a peer. The peer told her to put it away. A few moments later, the girl brandished the steak knife again. That’s when Kailenn noticed that something was wrong. He saw the knife and jumped up immediately to alert security who was able to secure the book bag and weapon. Thanks to Kailenn’s smart thinking, the young lady was able to receive the help she needs and Kailenn was able to save his peers from possible danger. In a moment when his peers chose not to get their friend in trouble, Kailenn was brave and did the right thing to ensure the safety of his school and peers.