Award Winner

DTRT MAY 11 2022-27

Lauren Sanchez

Twelfth Grade, School for Advanced Studies Wolfson

The “Red Light Initiative” is a project of Lauren’s own creation which started out as an effort to feed hungry homeless people on the streets of Miami at various red light locations. However, with time it has expanded to include taking photos of the homeless people who received the meals Lauren prepared, with their consent, and then taking those photos home and turning them into portraits that she would paint. In the process, Lauren got to know some of the homeless men and women as they told her their life stories. These conversations helped Lauren capture their essence in the paintings that she created. At school, Lauren is President of the Student Government Association, is a member of the Children’s Trust Youth Advisory Committee, and assists each week at her church. She is also Head Graphic Designer for her school newspaper and Head Photographer for the yearbook and is the 2022 Silver Knight nominee in Art for her school. Through her drive to help those less fortunate, Lauren is sure to continue making an impact in our community.