Award Winner

9 - Copy (2)

Lillian Spaulding

Third Grade, Amelia Earhart Elementary

Lillian knew exactly what to do when she found a sticky note in the
school bathroom that stated that a student in a certain class had
brought a weapon to school and it was in the child’s bookbag. Lillian
took the note and showed it to her teacher and school administration
and school police were contacted and the school was placed on
lockdown. Upon investigation, a gun was found in the student’s bookbag
and the student was taken into custody and will be facing charges. Upon
further investigation, it was found that other students had seen the gun
but had not reported it. Instead of dismissing the note she found,
Lillian quickly reported what she saw and helped avoid what could have
been a terrible tragedy. Lillian is not only a Do The Right Thing
Winner, but a true hero.