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Lisbet Bombino

Seventh Grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle
Washington, D.C. Trip Winner

Lisbet came to the counselor to report that a friend had attempted to end her own life by taking a bunch of pills.  She had tried to take her friend to the counselor’s office but her friend declined and Lisbet was desperate to seek help for her, despite her friend’s wishes.  Thanks to her coming to the counselor, the appropriate interventions were put in place for the student and Lisbet helped save a life.  Lisbet herself is no stranger to loss, grief, and defeat.  Last school year was a very difficult year for her as she had to be retained after being stranded in Cuba for most of the year due to a lost passport and the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite a tough start to this school year, with the support of her family, school, and friends she is stronger and well on her way to achieve this year.  Lisbet’s determination, dedication, and maturity in knowing how to handle a difficult situation for herself and others is truly admirable.