Award Winner

3 - Copy (2)

Luis Gonzalez-Castro

Eighth Grade, Coconut Palm K-8 Center
Washington, D.C. Trip Winner

Luis is a very caring and observant student who respects his teachers and enjoys being with his friends. He is learning English and putting his maximum effort into mastering it. Recently, Luis approached his teacher and mentioned that he needed to talk to her urgently. He calmly, but firmly told the teacher that he was concerned about a student he saw on his way to class. He saw the student on the third floor in distress and going towards the railing. Upon seeing this, Luis was concerned for the student’s safety and went to talk to his teacher. The school’s administration was then contacted and upon investigation it turned out that the student was indeed in serious distress and needed immediate help. Because Luis saw something and told someone right away, the student was able to get the support they desperately needed.