Award Winner

MPD DTRT AWARDS 3172022-67

Maria De Lourdes Lorenzo

Twelfth Grade, Ronald Reagan Senior High

One of Maria’s friends was involved in a serious car accident that left her in a coma and fighting to survive. The girl’s family used all their money to pay for the hospital bills so Maria organized a collection of goods for her friend and even got all the clubs from the school to work as a team and help with the efforts. It was a huge success and Maria was able to collect many items. Additionally, Maria is Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society President, Health Information Project (HIP) Peer Health Educator and President, and Interact President. Through these clubs she does extensive community service helping the underprivileged as well as through her family’s foundation sending aid to Venezuela. Maria has a heart of gold and is always doing the right thing to help bring joy to those in their darkest times.