Award Winner

DTRT MAY 11 2022-23

Nayveli Ramirez

Twelfth Grade, Westland Hialeah High School

Nayveli is an Emergency Response Student at her school where she learns different life saving techniques. Currently, Nayveli works at a center for Autistic children. Recently, one of the children was choking on a piece of cheese. She noticed the child gave the universal sign of choking and immediately sprung into action and properly applied the Heimlich maneuver and managed to dislodge the piece of cheese stuck in the child’s airway. The child was able to recover thanks to Nayveli’s quick action. At school, Nayveli is part of the HOSA and BeHIP club and has also taken several AP courses. She has over 400 community service hours with most hours being completed at the center for children with special needs. She is a future first generation college student and was recently accepted to the University of Hawaii and Miami-Dade College with plans to study occupational therapy. Nayveli is an exemplary student and true hero.