Award Winner

Randy Clark-Lampkin

Fourth Grade, Colonial Drive Elementary

Recently, a student in Randy's class displayed a vape and asked
Randy if he wanted to use it. The student also displayed a loaded
pellet gun in his backpack. Randy told his classmate he would not get
involved and brought the situation to his teacher. Randy has always
wanted to be a part of his school’s safety patrol program and upon the
recommendation of his principal, he has performed his duties
diligently for the past several weeks. Randy also helps out at home
where he lives with his mother, aunt, two younger cousins, his
brother, and grandmother. He makes sure to help his grandmother
reach items, assists his cousins in the bathtub and helps them get
dressed, and cleans and folds laundry in addition to caring for his
pregnant mother when she comes home from work. Randy sets a
great example for his peers to follow at home and in school.