Award Winner

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Sebastian Medina Schnur

Tenth Grade, Gulliver Prep High School

Sebastian volunteered at a holiday toy distribution at the Belafonte TACOLCY Center which an organization dedicated to helping children and families in Liberty City. During the event, Sebastian assisted handing out gifts, dancing, and playing basketball with the kids enrolled in the youth program. After attending this event, Sebastian knew he wanted to get more involved, especially after learning about a need for lacrosse equipment for the newly launched boys’ lacrosse program. As a varsity lacrosse player at Gulliver Prep High School, Sebastian knew he wanted to do something to help the program foster the same passion for lacrosse that he had, in the program’s youth. As a result, Sebastian created a successful gofundme campaign that raised $15,000 to purchase brand new equipment for the program’s lacrosse team. He also organized workshops and training sessions for his lacrosse team to connect and play with the TACOLCY youth team. On February 16th Sebastian along with his family, teammates, and coaches delivered the new equipment to the TACOLCY team and also presented them with a check for the additional funds collected. Sebastian’s kindness made a huge impact on the youth at the center and most of all, he was happy to be able to share the sport he loves with others.