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Solomon Simmons

Fourth Grade, Miami Gardens Elementary School

Solomon has shown much improvement this year.  During 1st grade his teachers immediately noticed that he would become frustrated and angry quickly, often shutting down. This behavior continued into 2nd and 3rd grade, where he would have regular confrontations with a classmate.  He struggled to keep up with his classwork and was in jeopardy of being retained in the 3rd grade.  With the joint efforts of school administration, student services, and concerned parents, Solomon was able to receive the support services he needed, attending summer school and being promoted to 4th grade.  This year, Solomon is determined to turn things around and succeed academically and socially.  He seeks help from his teachers and school staff when needed and also helps his classmates. His efforts are paying off – he is now making the best grades he has made since enrolling in school.  Most impressively, he is learning to control his frustration and anger. Recently, during a very competitive game of kickball in PE, Solomon’s patience was tested when a classmate on the other team was upset about losing and said some very unkind things to Solomon. He became angry but instead of reacting to the student’s words, he waited until coming back into the school and told a trusted adult.  Outside of school Solomon plays for a youth football team and has dreams of becoming a professional football player.  Solomon has shown amazing growth and maturity as he progresses and works towards becoming his best self in and out of school.