Award Winner

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Torris McMillon

Third Grade, Colonial Drive Elementary

The start of the school year was difficult for Torris as he was not working to his potential. Now, Torris has become a determined third grader who has truly turned it around. He is cooperative with his peers and is solution focused. Torris used to abruptly act out when confronted with a negative situation but now stops to think before he acts. He has also greatly improved his academics and is part of the Academic Honor Roll and has received the Character Education Award and Citizenship Honor Roll. At home, Torris is a huge help with his cousins who had to move in with him and his family. He has learned to share his personal space and even his Playstation so that his cousins feel at home. He also helps them get ready in the morning and helps with homework in the afternoon. He has made his mother and teachers proud of the way he has unselfishly given of himself and has realized the importance of having compassion for others. Despite initially struggling, Torris has demonstrated a strong commitment towards improving and doing the right thing that will surely continue to lead him on a path to success.