Award Winner

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Victoria Ceballos

Eleventh Grade, School for Advanced Studies Wolfson Campus

Victoria is a dedicated individual who is committed to helping others. She volunteered to tutor a dyslexic third grade student who attended school in an impoverished community, which led to a significant improvement in the student’s reading level. This experience motivated her to take action to reduce the educational divide in her community. She became the President of the non-profit organization, Cristina’s Academy’s Agents of Change and UMatter program, which provide free tutoring to students from impoverished communities in South Florida. Victoria’s leadership has grown the program to over 250 youth volunteers and has created a youth executive board to teach them workforce skills and prepare them for the future. She has also led community events such as a Back to School Bash, Beautification Day Event, and a Suicide Awareness event. Through her work in the community, Victoria exemplifies leadership and what it means to make a difference.