Award Winner

DTRT MAY 11 2022-18

William Mahoudeau

Second Grade, Southside Preparatory Academy

Unfortunately, this past November William experienced the unexpected loss of his brother, who was a caring and promising student gone too soon. This event has been devastating for William’s family and for William who was very close to him and is still in the process of grieving. Despite having to deal with such a tremendous loss, William has managed to continue showing what a great student he is and has focused on earning A’s and B’s in all his classes. He is a bright, respectful, responsible, kind, and friendly student that has great curiosity for knowledge and loves learning about math, science, and music. He plays the drums and bass and wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He is also one of the best behaved students at school. Despite the difficulties that life brings, William remains a great student focused on doing the right things.