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Recognizing & Rewarding Our Children For Positive Behavior, Accomplishments, and Good Deeds

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The purpose of Do The Right Thing of Miami, Inc. (DTRT) is to recognize and reward Miami youths for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds through a unique partnership with the City of Miami Police Department and other participating law enforcement agencies in Miami-Dade County.

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Do The Right Thing awards a full tuition scholarship to the Miami Police Academy to a young adult aged 18-22 every year. 

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Do The Right Thing of Miami is the headquarters for the national and international Do The Right Thing Program. Contact us to learn more about joining our network of Do The Right Thing Chapters.

Coordinators Corner

November 2021 Reminders & Updates

Please see information below for reminders and updates for November 2021: October Nominations The October nomination boxes were sent to the school mail facility for delivery to all school participating in DTRT. The school mail facility always lets us know that charter schools in specific, always have our boxes sitting there waiting for someone to pick them up as charter schools have a designated person that goes to the facility to pick up the school's mail instead of getting it delivered. Please check in with the designated person from your school that picks up the ...